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An elevated cat feeder equals better eating habits

If the improvement in your cat’s digestion is not enough, these raised bowls are also great for changing their eating habits. We all know that cats are picky when it comes to food. There’s no chance of keeping track of how many times your cat turned around and walked away from the food bowl; simply because she wasn’t in the mood for eating or because something turned her off. How many times did she play around with food or water on the floor? And how often has she spilled everything by accident? Or trying to make it look like an accident? As it turns out, with the elevated feeding stations, they are less likely to piss you off by doing all these things. Well, not as much as they do when we feed them “normally”, anyway. Most of all, gulping the food along with air will no longer be an issue and they won’t vomit because of that anymore. That will eliminate a lot of inconveniences.
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